October 2017 – Present

Applied Scientist at Amazon – Part of the initial team building up the research organization behind Alexa Shopping. Working on relevance ranking of products for voice shopping queries.

October 2015 – October 2017

Research Scientist at Yahoo – I was in the Mail Mining team. I worked in the mail search domain contributing to activities such as top results selection and mail search query suggestions.

July 2014 – October 2014

Research Intern at Yahoo – Developed a framework for computing k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN) on CPUs and GPUs. I implemented both a brute-force simple algorithm a well as a more sophisticated approximate Product Quantization (PQ) based algorithm. I also integrated the code with the STORM framework.

July 2013 – September 2013

SDE intern at Microsoft (in Bellevue, WA) – I was part of the Bing Ads team. I’ve analyzed and showed various measurements and statistics for user ad interaction

July 2011 – October 2011

Student Researcher at IBM – Contributed to the development of a plugin for Eclipse. The plugin is a framework for a set of refactoring methods that are somewhat similar to the “Extract method” refactoring. The code is available as an incubator project.

February 2008 – February 2011

CAD Software Student at Intel – I was part of a group that developed a software product for testing processors. The product was implemented in C++ and used xml databases and perl scripts. I was in charge of the xml databases and the parts in the code (C++ and perl) that interacted with them.

March 2011 – March 2015

Teaching Assistant at the Technion – I’ve taught these classes:

  • Spring 2011 – Introduction to Systems Programming (234122).
  • Winter 2011-2012 – Distributed Systems (236351) – TA in charge.
  • Spring 2012 – Introduction to Systems Programming (234122) – TA in charge.
  • Winter 2012-2013 – Distributed Systems (236351) – TA in charge.
  • Spring 2013 – Introduction to Systems Programming (234122) – TA in charge.
  • Winter 2013-2014 – Distributed Systems (236351) – TA in charge.
  • Spring 2014 – Introduction to Computer Science (234114) – TA in charge. Taught in Russian for the Technion International School.
  • Winter 2014-2015 – Distributed Systems (236351) – TA in charge.